To get started in affiliate marketing, there are so many things to consider like:

What is the best niche?
Will that niche be profitable?
How to get content to convert?
Where do I get the content from?
What are the best keywords to target?
How do I promote my Affiliate Website?

Those are just a few things to be considered when starting a niche site.

We've Got You Covered!!!

Nashmi Marketing Affiliate Websites Service is a NO-MISS, one of a kind offer.

We will put you on the right path in Affiliate Marketing. We know how to research profitable niches and the best keywords. We know how to create content that converts.

Ultimately, we know how to do this efficiently and economically so that we can help you get started with a site that won’t break the bank. We do all this while also giving you the exact training you need to be successful yourself.

Done-For-You Quality Affiliate Websites:

The Shortcut You've Been Waiting For

With our Done-For-You Affiliate Websites, you will save months of time that would be spent on research, writing, and building your site.

We will put you directly on the fast track to success.

Whether you're a beginner just getting started with your own online business, or you own multiple sites and want to scale your operations quickly...

You Belong Here.

At Nashmi Marketing, our mission is simple: "Help as many beginners as possible get started with affiliate marketing, and help our experienced audience make even more money from their websites."

Cliche? Maybe.
True? Absolutely.

Everything we do is focused on this sole mission... and our Done-For-You Affiliate Websites have helped the most people get started with earning an income online.

We realized that getting started can be the most difficult part with affiliate marketing so we took our tested and proven methods from our own affiliate ventures that have made thousands and thousands of dollars - and made them available to you.

Don't miss out...
Let our experienced team get the ball rolling for you.

#1 Affiliate Marketing in Jordan with Many Happy Customers to Prove It

What Some of our Customers Say:

Designed with Beginners in Mind

Nashmi Marketing started out with humble beginnings. We exist to help you, to teach you, to protect you, and to ultimately put you on a path to become a successful affiliate marketer.

We cut our teeth on affiliate marketing and learned how to make money online the hard way. In our time, we've seen hundreds of beginners get started - some of them succeeded, some of them failed.

The reason many people failed was that they were lied to or given false information.

Affiliate marketing can be confusing and tricky to a beginner even without the lies - when given false information, they don't stand a chance.

After success, we realized that we could do something about it.
We started building sites the right way.

We built sites that had a great chance of making money online... even in the hands of a beginner.

We welcomed customers that had zero knowledge of any online business or affiliate marketing when they started, along with some help and their desire and hard work, they were able to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars per month online.

Affiliate marketing is an ever-changing field and we strive to be the number one resource in Jordan.

What Do You Get?

Quality Website

Our sites are high-quality, professional, and appealing. Our sites are designed, built, and written by our in-house trained professionals. They are ready to rank and start earning out of the box.

  • Pre-researched Profitable Niches 
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Original Content
  • On-Page SEO
  • Always unique and never recycled

Comprehensive Training

There's no point giving you a tool without teaching you how to use it. We've created a whole video library with hours of training for every site buyer. We've got a wealth of training resources in store for you...

  • Hosting
  • Keyword Research
  • WordPress
  • Setting Affiliate Links
  • Social Media
  • Outsourcing
  • Plug-ins
  • 6 Month Detailed Plan
  • Getting Your First Sale
  • Link Building
  • PBN Training
  • Content
  • ...and MORE!

On-going SupportTraining

Rest assured we're not going to sell you something and hang you out to dry. Unlike many website marketplaces that offer 30 days after sales support, we are here to stay. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or need help... we have a full customer support team ready. As stated in our guarantee... if you're not happy, we're not happy.

  • Free On-Going Tech Support
  • Email Support
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

(All the plug-ins we use to build your site are Premium plug-ins that you would normally need to pay for. We're able to provide these to you with our developer licenses. This means that support will route through us and not directly through the Premium Plug-ins. Nashmi Marketing will be your one-stop-support-shop. More information on how to do this will be included in your Welcome Pack and support documents.)

Our Niche Affiliate Website Building Process

Niche & Market Research

Our research team is constantly on the lookout for potential profitable niches. Any promising or interesting niches get explored and analyzed. If we see an upward trend, room for competition, and products to offer - we add it to our list.

Keyword Research

Once we determine a niche is profitable... we dive even deeper. Our trained keyword researchers uncover the best keywords to get your articles ranking and converting. 

Content Creation

Our full staff of professional writers creates original and unique content that is both SEO friendly and reader friendly. This content is not only enjoyable to read and information, but Google loves it.

Affiliate Website Design

Each one of our sites has a unique design. We build them all based on tested and proven Nashmi Marketing templates. Then, we add unique images and coloring. You'll receive the best tools and plug-ins (even the ones that aren't free).

On-Page SEO

We'll optimize your site pages so you don't have to. This includes content layout, a responsive design, internal linking, title keywords, title modifiers, H1/ H2 tags, and more.

Plug You In

By now the site is ready for you to dive in, insert your affiliate links, start ranking, and start earning!


100% Guarantee

Our policy is simple... If you're not happy, we're not happy.  No asterisks or fine print.

On the off chance that this does happen... just reach out to our awesome support team. We'll do everything in our power to make it right.

A Closer Look At Savings

What would it take to build a site yourself with everything that we include? We've broken out each element of our sites to give you a closer look...

We'll spare you the math and just tell you that the total of building such sites will cost up to 1,150 JD... and this is just for one of our Starter sites.

You can pick up a starter site today and you'll immediately be saving yourself more than 150 JD.

This includes EVERYTHING you need from site to training to on-page SEO.

Oh... and this doesn't even factor in time spent creating the site.

When you take a look at our Premium offering, the total cost of the site would be 1,500 JD (without factoring in time)...

...Giving you immediate savings exceeding 300.

 Some tools that are used to building professional looking high-quality affiliate websites are:


  • EasyAzon Pro          47 JD
  • Thrive Content Builder          67 JD
  • Thrive Leads          39 JD
  • Gravity Forms          80 JD
  • Backup Buddy          80 JD
  • Premium Theme          75 JD
  • Premium Images          20 JD
  • Keyword Tools          97 JD
  • Professional Content          400 JD

Saving you the math, the total of those mentioned above is 905 JD, and all of this is just to get started.




⇒   Detailed Niche & Keyword Research

⇒   Unique Site Design

⇒   Hand Selected Domain

⇒   Premium Plugins

⇒   Premium Theme​

⇒   Premium Images

⇒   Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

⇒    On-Page SEO

⇒   4,500 Words Total of Buyer's Guide, Standard Info, & Review Content



⇒   Detailed 6 Month Plan

⇒   Free Tech Support

⇒   Email Support

⇒   Lifetime Access to the Nashmi Marketing Private Facebook Group


798 JD





⇒ Basic Site Features, PLUS...

⇒ An additional 5,500 words of Buyer's Guide, Standard Info, & Review Content

⇒ TOTAL of 10,000 Words that are fully optimized with On-Page SEO Best Practices



⇒ Detailed 6 Month Plan

⇒ Free Tech Support

⇒ Email Support

⇒ Lifetime Access to the Nashmi Marketing Private Facebook Group


Most Popular Plan!

998 JD





⇒   Basic & Standard Site Features, PLUS...

⇒   Standard Content upgraded to Premium Level for a total of 10,000 words of Premium Content (English Writer with more experience)

⇒   Social Media Account Set Up for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

⇒   Professionally Designed Logo

⇒   eBook Lead Magnet (NEW!)



⇒   Detailed 6 Month Plan

⇒   Free Tech Support

⇒   Email Support

⇒   Lifetime Access to the Nashmi Marketing Private Facebook Group


1,298 JD


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I buy a site?

We'll make the site for you, help you choose a domain name, buy the name for you, then help you install it on your hosting. The whole process usually takes less than four weeks.

Once everything is sorted, we'll show you to our training videos to continue working on the site.

Are there any additional Expenses?

Aside from hosting, the only other expenses are optional. You can invest your time, or you can choose to outsource the work.

This depends on your own circumstances.​

Once you have the site, the main way to grow it is by adding content and links, so if you're planning to outsource this, you should have a budget for these as well.

It can all be done with only time investment though, so those costs are optional.

How much work is required to hit the potential?

This varies with every niche, every site, and every person. The more work you can put in, the better.

As it takes time to succeed, we recommend you choose a realistic schedule that suits you. It's all too easy to work many hours in the beginning, only to burn out later.

As a rough guide, 1-2 hours per day would make a good start, but more or less is fine.

How long does it take to earn money?

This really depends on how much work you put into the site, the niche itself, and various other factors outside our control.

Typically though, our customers start earning their first commissions after 3-6 months, and it increases gradually from then on.

Think of this is a marathon, a long-term business, rather than a sprint.

How many people succeed?

Everybody who follows the training, asks us questions, and sticks at it will make some money. Only you can answer whether you can do this.

Not everybody follows through and takes action.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, if you buy more than 3 or more sites at once we will offer a discount. If you've already bought 1 or 2, we can still apply the discount after the fact. Contact us HERE for more information.

How does after sale support work?

All the plug-ins we use to build your site are Premium plug-ins that you would normally need to pay for. We're able to provide these to you with our developer licenses.

This means that support will route through us and not directly through the Premium Plug-ins. Nashmi Marketing will be your one-stop-support-shop. More information on how to do this will be included in your Welcome Pack and support documents.